Are You Stylish?

Are you stylish?

We know that the arranged tours are quite boring sometime if  you take them  as the others do. But what would you think if we offer you another way to explore the land you visit?
Naturally, most of us are “the honored members of Conservative party”, we ourselves are not always ready to try anything new that we don’t know exactly what they are. They say “a picture is worth of a thousand words” so we hope that, these are enough “words” about the experiences when travelling with us.
We commit nothing but offer you the opportunities to experience a holiday in style!
here begins the fun trips, “Hanoi Hilton” (Hoa Lo Prison Museum)

Hanoi Opera House

Museum of Vietnam Military History

Huu Tiep Pond, the remain of B52 shot down in Hanoi in 1972

…..and here to end the trip