Ho Chi Minh Sandals

Ho Chi Minh Sandals

Created in 1940s by the labors from old tires (Dunlop, Goodyear…), then popularly used during both, Indochina and Vietnam War by Vietnamese soldiers and people. They were chosen for the reasons: cheap, easy to make, water-resistant and super durable. The most well-known man ever used them was President Ho Chi Minh (it was then named after him). In 1970s – 1980s, recycled tire sandals even became very popular for playboys.

Nowadays, they could be seen being worn by young naughty boys, who like to do something different, old fashioned men, veterans or gangs members at the border towns bus stations and….in museums as a part of Vietnam modern history.

Some people still make this kind of sandals in Hanoi but it is afraid that it will become extinct soon.

One of very few men still making recycled tire sandals in Hanoi

Special tools used at work

His wife always there to…. “keep him on track”

His “descendant”

A young client tries out the “historic” sandals