Lunch Time In Hanoi

Lunch time in Hanoi Capital

“You are what you eat”!

Hanoi is well-known for its cuisine. Let’s see what is the difference between angel’s and evil’s choices for lunch.

Angels first:

1. Bún Chả (grilled porks served with noodle, dipping in sweet and sour sauce, …..yummy). A famous gourmet of Hanoi wrote the following about grilled pork and noodle: “A whiff of the delicious smell of the grilling is enough to turn you into a poet. There is a wreath of blue smoke to suggest a veil of mist hanging over a mountain slope. The sizzling sound of a small drop of fat falling on the embers evokes a sigh. The light flapping of the fan over the fire is reminiscent of the crackling of branches in motion…..So much seduction!….The tenuous strings of noodle lay curled in thin round layers….Streaky pork is essential and skewers must be made of fresh bamboo…..The mixture of fish sauce and vinegar should not be too salty or too sour, and a few drops of lemon juice ill enhance its flavour when the roasted meat, aromatic herbs and noodle are dipped into it”.

2. Spring rolls (made of rice paper stuffed with pork, glass vermicelli, “wood ear” (black fungus) spring onion, eggs, black pepper and deep fried. Served with rice vermicelli, some herbs and sweet sour dipping sauce)

not cooked yet

already cooked

and not only spring rolls to choose (the owner is not very happy because of ….not makeup yet)


3. Doughnuts (deep fried, inside: pork, “wood ear” (black fungus), glass vermicelli, black pepper served with sweet sour dipping sauce).

4. “Urban” baguette (this is local fast food, could be served with omelette, pork, sausage, ham….do not forget some cucumber and chili sauce)

….multi-choices to go with baguette

5. Deep fried tofu with noodle (made of soya bean, deep fried, served with noodle, shrimp paste- really nightmare for the beginners)

“senior angel” also seems like tofu

6. Duck noodle soup (boiled duck, served with rice vermicelli, bamboo shoot) – very popular choice for “female” angels

7. Cafe, iced lemon tea for “angels” after lunch!

This is so cool for angels, right? Amen…..

…..…and the evil’s choice !




PARENTAL ADVISORY: this is just personal ideas, whatever you think i do NOT mind. Anyway, talk to you later, i will go for evil’s choice now, oh yeah…….. (whatever makes you happy, right?)






………………..but this is reality!

Haizzzzzzzzzz……….only man can make man happy, whatever floats your boat………..1 2 3 Dzoooooooooooo!

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