Nui Chua National Park

Nui Chua National Park

Nui Chua (means Mount Chua) National Park is a structure of natural landscape arranged in a complex of mountains lying next to the sea, forming many beautiful spots in the South-Central coast. Experience trekking through the forest, camping in the jungle of Nui Chua National Park, conquering the highest peak at the height of 1,039m above sea level, and visiting to ethnic minority village. This place has a diverse system of creatures that are typical to the tropical dry forest and cannot be found in any other parts of Vietnam. According to scientific researches, it contains 664 kinds of plant and 201 species of animal, including many rare species that are nearly extinct.  In the recent years, Nui Chua National Park has been conserved and recovered to create a suitable place for the rare creatures.

Accommodation & Facilities: This is one of very few places in Vietnam that you could really spend a camping night in the national park. Tent, blanket, pillow, sleeping bag and mattress are provided in the  package for your sleep among wild nature.

Activities: After visiting the relics on the mountain, visitors can also spend time on the beautiful beaches on the 40km-long seaside or can play along the beaches or travel around on a glass-bottom boat to witness the beauty of corals underneath. Another marvelous option is on Hom Beach, a natural breeding ground of some rare turtles on the East sea.

Location & Getting there:

From Saigon: 380km, 12 hours by car or train

From Nha Trang: 100km, 2 hours by car

From Dalat: 140km, 3 hours by car