"Slow and Boring" House

Slow and Boring House

This Zen House is the worst place; offers the worst experience to people like us, who are always on the move and believe there is no better way to survive in this cruel world. Don’t come to visit this quiet, “boring” Zen House as I know you would not appreciate the things they offer there.
Anyway, I still want to list the “negative” things as a warning for you:
1. The house is so quiet that you could hear “the sound of silence”. You always like to listen to noisy music, go to the noisy places…..because, for you: it is fun and lively
2. The staff are so calm and sincere they might make you feel anxious and unusual. You’re more used to seeing the angry and impatient boss, colleagues or clients at work
3. They speak so softly that you could not hear them approaching when taking your selfie all the time
4. They show you some moves of Qigong and tell you its meaning, you will ask yourself: what is that for? does it really work?  You will laugh at the moves as they are so slow and dramatic. You prefer the action movies

5. They even teach you how to breathe, how to retreat your body and soul. Oh, come on, you all know how to breathe since you are born and there are spas to heal your body and soul right? And I know you will not want to meditate at all as you will have to stay quiet for…………minutes (it is impossible for some of us so we could understand that). It won’t be surprising if some of you find it a waste of time

as the host says: this guy has Jesus’s face. Yes, he does!

6. About food there: You never could order any dish with meat or any fast food (very disappointing right?) as they only serve healthy vegetarian food. They will serve a five course menu presenting the 5 basic elements, so if you are not open to oriental philosophy, you will not find it interesting at all. Before starting the meal, they ask you to wash your hands with herbal soap, pray and appreciate the food; My God, at the office you only have 18 minutes for lunch (while spending hours for facebook surfing), how could you waste that time for doing those kinds of things?

7. After lunch, they still demand you to take “meditation walk”. It is ridiculous! You always want a siesta or rest after lunch when you are on holiday, right?

8. “Live slowly, think differently and love more”, this is the host’s advice before you leave. I am sure that you will not agree with her. How could you live slowly while the others live fast (die young)? Why you need to stop enjoying life while you only live once? Why you need to love more while people around you become meaner and more selfish? And why  you need to be peaceful, happy in mind and become a better person one day while you only live for today? It is very impractical
the host, a successful business woman (the Lady with glasses). This house is supposed to be her private residence but now it is open to visitors and all the money made from this service will be used for charity

There are still many “negative things” there but I think here are enough to stop you from going there as you always want to see something extraordinary out there.

But, on the other hand, if you are “stubborn” and “ignore” our warning and want to think like them – call us today to organize your visit…