Vietnam: Things To Do

Things to do in Vietnam

Hope that this could provide you with some ideas about what to do when you have plan to visit Vietnam in future
Trying local cuisine
When Gordon Ramsay visited Vietnam, he said: “you don’t need to be the rich to have delicious meals here,  local food is just amazing”. We strongly recommend you to try it at the really local restaurants or street food, where they only cook fresh ingredients,  not frozen  like in some big restaurants.  More than that, experiencing eating amongst the locals is always unforgettable.  Hanoi, Hue and Hoian are recommended places to explore food.  Don’t limit your experience to beef noodles, baguette and spring rolls, they are just few of them.
an authentic meal in Mekong Delta

Staying overnight on Halong Bay
We recommend you to stay overnight on the cruise there. Sunset or sunrise are both great times on the Bay. You should book minimum 3 star cruises,  so that it could provide a proper cabin and good food. Enjoy sunset cocktails on deck; having dinner on the bay and joining Tai Chi class at sunrise. In the summer time, kayaking through the karst landscape is great memory

Exploring the Northern mountainous area
This is a really interesting part for us. Amazing landscape and colorful hill tribes that always attract us. Trekking to the tribal villages and learning about their culture are advised activities.. There will be a traditional custom that you can never forget after touring there: Drinking and hand shaking. The locals drink a lot of rice wine, and if you are invited to their home for meal, drinking rice wine is inevitable.

Discovering the Caves in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park
A group of the amazing caves newly found there will be as heaven on earth for any cave lover. There are some that are easy to approach and some that involves both a substantial amount of money and time to discover, but you will never be disappointed with that choice.

Driving on Hochiminh Trail
This could be trip of your lifetime. The things you see, visit and experience on the way could change your life. Some parts of the drive will bring you back to Vietnam in 80s or early 90s; visiting the former battle sites are a part of trip. The rustic houses, the hill tribal villages and above of all the nature, landscape, jungle……You will drive on  “West Truong Son Range route”, this goes hundred kilometers through the national park

Relaxing time in Hoian
Hoian is a great place to relax, shop for souvenirs, get the tailored clothes, try local cuisine or take photos. Cooking class at herbal village and cycling in the countryside are recommended cycling in Hoian

Jeep tours in Saigon
Vietnam war ended more than 40 years ago and one of the things left behind is thousands of US military Jeeps. An exclusive experience is to get driven around Saigon or to Cu Chi Tunnels, escorted by a veteran guide who could tell you the stories from that time.

Cycling in Mekong Delta
This area is the fruit basket of Southern Vietnam. Doing cycling through the lush fruit farms, tasting the tropical fruits in the gardens and taking a boat trip through the tiny canals will be the best things to enjoy there. More over, people there are also the most friendly ones in Vietnam.

Unwinding on sunny beaches
After all the visits and travelling, unwinding on the beaches would be the perfect ending of your trip. South Central Coast or Danang or Con Dao Island are the best locations for it.