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“Vietnam’s topography is very diverse with mountains, hills, plains, coasts and continental shelf. It’s result of tectonic process in a long time of millions of years in the past. The topography is lower from the northwest to the southeast. Thus, almost the rivers in Vietnam have the stream following that direction. Mountains and hills, which occupy three quarters of Vietnam’s territory, are the main landscape in Vietnam. However, 85% among them are low mountains and hills under 1,000 meters high. There are only 1% of mountains that have the height over 2,000 meters”.

Thanks to its topography and the tropical weather, there are 30 National parks in Vietnam stretching from the North to the South of the country. Some of them are really worth of visiting. Hiking, trekking, birding and camping are all could do there.

NuiChua (means Mount Chua) National Park is a structure of natural landscape arranged in a complex of mountains lying next to the sea, forming many beautiful spots on the South-Central coast. Trekking through the jungle of Nui Chua National Park and conquering the peak at the height of 1,039m above sea level. Camping at the park is unforgettable; enjoy delicious foods prepared by the local porters.

Trekking in Nui Chua National Park

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