When To Visit Vietnam?

When to visit Vietnam?

As Vietnam is a tropical country so weather is always a thing to think about before you make plan to visit it. To provide you some information about its weather, we will divide the country into three main regions, so it will be easier for you to follow.

The South (Saigon, Mekong Delta, Muine and Nha Trang)

This area has two main seasons: hot and….hotter. The hot season is from May to November (it is usually called “the wet season”, but it is not that bad if you know what a really wet season in the central Vietnam is like, what happens in the South is nothing to worry about). During the “hot” season in the South, it often rains in the afternoon, however easy come, easy go (normally not longer than 1 hour).

Sometimes its pouring rain, but it makes the city cooler and better.The “hotter” season is from November to April. Actually, the temperature is not really higher, but it is quite dry, so I think it is a bit hotter and stuffier.

There is a nice part of the South that is perfect for beach lovers, and that is the South Central Coast with the famous beaches as Muine and Nha Trang. Muine is fine as it is rarely hit by typhoons, while Nha Trang sometimes gets influenced (not too bad, just cloudy and wavy sea)

so many resorts like this for you to stay along the coastal line

So, if you can take the heat, you could visit the South of Vietnam all year around

The Central (Hoian, Danang and Hue)

This area really has two seasons: wet typhoon and dry & hot. Do not be too surprised if in the rainy season in Hue (recently from November to January), it could be non stop rain for a whole week.

The whole city is likely to shut down, many local labors could not even find any outdoor work to do but having coffee and watching the rain  all day long. This is also the time that the typhoon often hits this area. In Hoian ancient town, it is flooded quite often during this time of the year, the whole town could be under the 1.5 meter of water

Hoian’s girl in traditional costumes

The North (Hanoi, Halong Bay and the mountainous area)

Summer is from May to September, it is hot, stuffy and…..very hot. It is even unbearable for the locals, but luckily the children are off school, so this is the family’s holiday time. This is also the rainy season in the North, much heavy rain will stop traffic and disrupt many travel plans there.

A few days per year,  in January and February,  Halong Bay will be so foggy that boats are banned from going out. You could not see anything even in 20 meters. It is also influenced by the typhoons (in the North, the typhoon could happen any time from May till November).

Beside Hanoi and Halong Bay, a very interesting part to see in the North is the mountain areas (Northeast-west Vietnam) where you find the most beautiful landscapes to visit, enjoy and so many colorful hill-tribes there to meet and learn about their unique culture. This is also perfect place for the trekking tours – so summer time (May to September) is not the right time for it

the Green H’mong minority group girl in Dong Van Geopark

P/s: These are just some experience that we would like to share, you could take it as reference before making decision. But as you know “Man proposes, but God disposes” so we only could wish you Good luck!